On the move…

fullsizeoutput_1220It is June. The month I take my holiday. It often rains but then it sometimes doesn’t. The important thing is not whether it rains or not but that I am on holiday and not at home. That I am somewhere else than where I am for the rest of the year and I’m not working.

There you have it. I am not working. A time for recharging the batteries, for not running to someone else’s timetable, bad attitude or just plain pain-in-the ass-ness. Me time, us time because I’m not alone here. My husband is also on holiday.

One week. Yoga and meditation in the morning and then see what the day brings. Freedom from the constraints of what to do and when it must be done.

We don’t fly to the ends of the planet. Our holiday carbon footprint is low. (even though I would love to claim it is solely because of my ecological stance, I cannot tell a lie, dear reader…planes terrify me). So it is the camping sites by the sea preferably without too many attractions on site so we can enjoy the convenience of an equipped chalet without the nightclub noise after our normal hours – we are creatures of habit.

This year we are in Saint Denis d’Oléron just off the west coast of France in the Charentes Maritime. Quiet, with La Hutte beach just 300 metres from our chalet. A real island with that squashed yet spacious feeling that you can get from the way the little houses huddle together but the vastness of the ocean all around. One week but a treasure!


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