Lifesaving Poems: Pablo Neruda’s ‘The Dead Woman’ (La Muerta)

The Dead Woman If suddenly you do not exist, if suddenly you no longer live, I shall live on. I do not dare, I do not dare to write it, if you die. I shall live on. For where a man has no voice, th… Source: Lifesaving Poems: Pablo Neruda’s ‘The Dead Woman’ (La Muerta)

On Discovering My Voice

Originally posted on Anthony Wilson:
I am at a thing. Canals are there. Sunlight on them, the last tourists, a shifting of the seasons. ‘Soon it will be autumn…’ Hellos are happening, old ones, catching up on five year’s of news; and goodbyes, too. Kissing ‘take care’ in a foreign land. A test for all…

Stones that made food

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For centuries there was production of millstones in these mountains, now a national park. The production in Kvernfjellet (The millstone mountains) started sometime during the 1500s, and lasted until 1914. There have been many sites for millstone productions in Norway during history, but this was the biggest with more…