Summer in Brest

  It is raining. That thin but persistent rain that Brittany and particularly Brest excels at all the year round. As a small proof that I am not imagining it, I took this picture at Brest railway station. It is indeed an umbrella vending machine. For the modest sum of 4 euros, you can buy…

Baie de Morlaix

 A  sunny lunch break and my iPhone… sandwich in the car and a coffee gone lukewarm from being all morning in a thermos. Sometimes it is just nice to stop and think about nothing in particular. Just to be.

A city by the sea – part 1

When I first told friends I was moving to Brest, they looked sad…. Brest has a reputation in Brittany… an ugly concrete jungle thrown up in a hurry to replace the old city flattened during the Allied bombardements in 1944. To an extent this is true. The city centre has little to recommend it to the eye….