Leonard has left the building

Some people just know when it is time to leave the party. After 82 years Leonard Cohen passed away leaving a huge legacy of poetry and music that has marked millions of moments of love, of goodbye, of bewilderment and questioning on the human condition. I first heard Leonard Cohen in 1977 – I was…

Lifesaving Poems: Pablo Neruda’s ‘The Dead Woman’ (La Muerta)

The Dead Woman If suddenly you do not exist, if suddenly you no longer live, I shall live on. I do not dare, I do not dare to write it, if you die. I shall live on. For where a man has no voice, th… Source: Lifesaving Poems: Pablo Neruda’s ‘The Dead Woman’ (La Muerta)

On Discovering My Voice

Originally posted on Anthony Wilson:
I am at a thing. Canals are there. Sunlight on them, the last tourists, a shifting of the seasons. ‘Soon it will be autumn…’ Hellos are happening, old ones, catching up on five year’s of news; and goodbyes, too. Kissing ‘take care’ in a foreign land. A test for all…