Summer in Brest

  It is raining. That thin but persistent rain that Brittany and particularly Brest excels at all the year round. As a small proof that I am not imagining it, I took this picture at Brest railway station. It is indeed an umbrella vending machine. For the modest sum of 4 euros, you can buy…

Pink Wellies

Getting ready to garden…..the end of March approaches and with it the likelihood of frosts. Time to think about the garden and new projects. Will it be more veggies … more flowers…a new chicken coop? All in good time! The essential is to be able to be outdoors and get some daylight time in.

A city by the sea – part 1

When I first told friends I was moving to Brest, they looked sad…. Brest has a reputation in Brittany… an ugly concrete jungle thrown up in a hurry to replace the old city flattened during the Allied bombardements in 1944. To an extent this is true. The city centre has little to recommend it to the eye….