Autism Awareness: Are we nearly there yet?

A brilliant piece on being an adult autist, on Autism awareness day…we are all around you! But does that even matter? Not really. All we and everyone else needs is to be accepted and loved for who they are, their talents and their weaknesses. Life is a gift.

Autism and Expectations

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with AA!

Not not Alcoholics Anonymous. No, not the Automobile Association. I’m talking Autism Awareness!

In the run up to Autism Awareness Week and Day and Month and Millenia, I’ve been thinking about what it is I really want the world to be aware of.

Most people have heard the word “Autism”, they’re aware it exists, but that’s about it.

Even those who have autistic family members will not recognise the adults in their midst. No, I don’t look like your child, for much the same reason you don’t look like my three year old, Autistics grow up too. An adult autistic, no matter how verbal, has still had a lifetime of acquiring skills and learning and developing, that a child doesn’t.

When experts talk about autism – trainers at work, speakers at conferences – they often forget that there will be…

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