Welcome to my blog about all sorts of stuff that goes on in my life. Things I like and that will turn up here will include photographs, short films music, books, poems, gardens and nature as well as anything else that springs to mind. There may be the occasional rant…but bear with me, be indulgent.

I live just outside Brest in the northern-most tip of Finistère in Brittany, France. After 20 years, I probably won’t be returning to the Valleys of South Wales. This is home. It’s a nice place to be, life is good. I bake cookies and walk the dog, take photos and read. There are photos to take, places to see and stuff to create. Sometimes I do yoga. Sometimes I don’t. What doesn’t change are my values. Tolerance, respect for people and the planet and just plain old kindness.

Feel free to comment as long as you are polite and don’t criticize people or generally be nasty….friends are welcome.

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